FLT 2021: Gear List

When I hike the FLT this year, here's a categorical summary of the gear I'm planning on carrying.


Gossamer Gear Gorilla with compactor bag liner.

This is the one from several years ago so it’s not quite as light as you can get it now. I like the pocket orientation with a big main pocket but space on the sides for my tent. The hip strap does not provide much hip support but I pack under 30 pounds max so I don’t even need it.


Air pad goes on pack as backrest, down quilt (Enlightened Equipment), lightweight tent (Lightheart Solo), Tyvek ground cloth.

Food bag and bear bag kit


Goes in food bag and hung with bear bag cord (in small bag).  Usually I carry 3-4 days max, 1.5-2 pounds a day.


I wear one set of long sleeve base layer with shorts on top.  Carry puffy, rain shell, and loose camp/town clothes.  Hat with sun flaps.  Trail running shoes.  Wrightsocks and extra dry pair for tent. Carried clothes stored in pillow bag which is reversed at night for use as pillow.


Two filters, one inline for most hiking hydration, one squeeze for camp water and flavored water in cup during day.


JetBoil (with lid hack) and folding spork. I only use the JetBoil for dinners so one fuel canister can last 15-20 days if I don’t hold the boil long. The JetBoil is a bit of a luxury compared to lighter alcohol stoves but one I don’t plan on giving up. It’s so reliable and fast.


Rechargeable headlamp, lighter, small knife, duct tape, battery and cords, patch kit, sunglasses, massage ball, phone and wallet, toilet paper.

Not pictured: Black Diamond Alpine Cork hiking poles

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