My real name is Ryan Levering and I’m a software engineer who works for Google. I live around the Boston area with my two kids and wife. But one of my biggest hobbies/passions is hiking (and sometimes trail running) so this blog is where I post my adventures, photos, and things I learn. On the trail I’m known as “About Time” which is my trail name. That name started because it’s the first thing I wrote in a trail register on my first thru-hike because it had taken more than 10 years to get on the trail from when I started dreaming about it.

My hiking journey started when I decided to hiking the Appalachian Trail while on a camping trip with my wife in Shenandoah National Park. However, life got in the way and while I read every book I could find and started all sorts of spreadsheets and plans, nothing ever came of it. Then on a hiking trip in Olympic National Park I read about a 45 mile hike across the park that sounded impossible. After completing this (though I limped for a week after), the spark for hiking fast and far was lit and since then I’ve always hiked particularly fast. Since then I’ve attempted speed hikes of the Long Trail, sections of the Apalachian Trail, and recently the Finger Lakes Trail. Additionally, I love local hikes in the White Mountains and occasionally in Vermont’s Green Mountains.