2021 FLT Wrap-up

A landing page for my FLT 2021 hike with links to all the GPX, media, planning docs, etc.

In June of 2021, I attempted to see how fast I could do a thru-hike of the Finger Lakes Trail. I went in injured and not very confident, but ended up succeeding at completing the thru-hike in 21 days 14 hours. I learned a lot about blisters, pacing, and pain management and actually enjoyed a reasonable amount of the experience. :). This is a landing page that I’ll update as I add some links to other posts about the experience.

2021 Project: FLT FKT – Original inspiration
FLT 2021: Gear List – Gear list
Planning Spreadsheet

Google Photos album

Post-hike Reports:
FKT Post

Strava links (with raw GPX):
Day 1 – Rt 346 to Salamanca [gpx]
Day 2 – Salamanca to Ski mountain camp spot [gpx]
Day 2 Bonus – Ski mountain to angel cabin [gpx]
Day 3 – Cabin to Harwood Haven Campground [gpx]
Day 4 – Harwood Haven to Sixtown Creek [gpx]
Day 5 – Sixtown Creek to Portageville [gpx]
Day 5 – Portageville to Hesse Shelter [gpx]
Day 6 – Hesse Shelter to Swain [gpx]
Day 6 – Swain to Bully Hill Shelter [gpx]
Day 7 – Bully Hill Shelter to North Hornell [gpx]
Day 7 – North Hornell to Burt Hill Shelter [gpx]
Day 8 – Burt Hill Shelter to Urbana [gpx]
Day 9 – Urbana to Moss Hill Shelter [gpx]
Day 9 – Moss Hill Shelter to Bivouac Area [gpx]
Day 10 – Bivouac Area to Watkins Glen [gpx]
Day 11 – Watkins Glen to First Connecticut Hill Biouvac [gpx]
Day 12 – Connecticut Hill Bivouac to Chestnut Lean-to [gpx]
Day 13 – Chestnut Lean-to to Kimmie Lean-to [gpx]
Day 14 – Kimmie Lean-to to Hope Lake Lodge [gpx]
Day 15 – Hope Lake Lodge to Taylor State Forest [gpx]
Day 16 – Taylor Valley SF to Bucks Brook SF [gpx]
Day 17 – Bucks Brook SF to Bowman Lake State Park [gpx]
Day 18 – Bowman Lake State Park to Bainbridge [gpx]
Day 19 – Bainbridge to Dry Creek Lean-to [gpx]
Day 20 – Dry Brook Lean-to to Spruce Grove [gpx]
Day 21 – Spruce Grove to Big Pond [gpx]
Day 22 – Big Pond to Slide Mountain [gpx]

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