Review: Peek Refuel Beef Stroganoff

Very filling and a great calorie density, but I wasn't a fan of the flavor which was a little too sour for me.

Name: Beef Stroganoff
Brand: Peek Refuel
810 calories / 142g = 5.70 cal/g

This is coming in with a pretty whopping calorie density so I was kind of excited for it to be good.

It called for 3/4 cup of water which is one of the lowest water amounts I’ve used in one of these dinners. The sauce immediately mixes and smells stroganoff-y so the rehydration is just the pasta and meat cubes.

After the recommended 10 minutes, the bag seemed almost dry without enough water. This is actually the first bag I’ve ever reviewed where I thought there wasn’t enough water. I would advise using 1 cup instead of 3/4 here. You could even add the water afterward since the problem was that the sauce was too thick, not that the solids didn’t rehydrate.

The flavor was pretty decent but maybe a little too sour cream-y. I like beef stroganoff but the funky flavor was stronger than I prefer. My wife even real likes sour cream and she said that independently.

Would you eat again: No. I’m sort of calling technical on this one because I’m pretty sure it could be better if you added more water. I’m not going to purchase anymore at this time, but I won’t be afraid to retry in the future.


Calorie Density5
Serving Size3

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