Review: Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef

Chili Mac with Beef
Brand: Mountain House
575 calories / 136g = 4.3 cal/g

I enjoyed this with my family while car camping at Baxter State Park. There’s not easy ice availability there so we were on dry food after a day. The dish was actually a hit with everyone, including my 4 year old.

As with almost every freeze dried meal I’ve ever made, it requires significantly longer than they say. This one took about 15 minutes until the pasta wasn’t a bit crunchy.

The portion size is also ridiculous, I mean really ridiculous. A serving size is 230 calories and pictured to the left. That’s a light snack when you’ve been hiking all day.

The sauce had a nice flavor and consistency, I would like to see it used with some other dishes. The beef chunks were….well….they were as good as freeze dried beef chunks get. Overall, I think if you would like eating this dish from a can, you will like eating it freeze-dried. That’s a pretty good compliment for freeze-dried. We used some bread we had brought to sop up the excess sauce and make cleaning the bowls trivial.

Would you eat again: Yes, and I would definitely be eating the whole bag myself

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