Review: Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki with Rice

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice
Brand: Mountain House (Pro-Pack)
575 calories / 115g = 5 cal/g

I made the mistake of seeing this already on the REI website so I went in knowing it was one of the highest rated freeze-dried meals there.

I can see why it was rated as such because it had the best flavor of any of the freeze-dried I had had yet – a sweet, salty ginger-pineapple that made it hard to stop eating. My wife even gave her grudging approval which is exciting.

It still was not a great texture as you can sort of tell in the picture. The chicken could have been a bit larger to break things up a bit, but the peas and veggies helped a bit. It rehydrated fairly well with the recommended time and water amounts, which is also pretty rare in my experience so far.

The Pro-Pack bag the meal came in was definitely a win, I think they should do this with all the freeze-dried. It makes it much harder to break the contents, it packs smaller, and (currently unimportant to me) it doesn’t expand at high elevations.

Would you eat again: Yes, and I probably wouldn’t need to doctor it which is the first time I’ve said that.

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