Review: Mountain House Chicken Fajita Filling

Chicken Fajita Filling
Brand: Mountain House
320 calories / 77g = 4.2 cal/g

I was honestly a bit excited about this meal because I’ve begun to realize that you can make freeze-dried food a lot better with a little bit of non freeze-dried food. So the idea of using a tortilla to wrap some ingredients sounds like a winner to me. Plus I love Mexican food.

The flavor did not disappoint. It was actually on the border of being good enough to be a non freeze-dried meal. The vegetables tasted fire roasted as advertised and the spices were present enough to be flavorful (though I probably would want a bit more spice personally).

The dish fell down in two places, however. First of all, there was a distinct lack of chicken. It was kind of ridiculous, I think I may have had four small chunks in the whole dish. So it was largely beans with some vegetables. Secondly, the amount of water was all wrong. It ended up soupy and I hate when these come out soupy. I even left it in an extra five minutes in an attempt to get rid of some water.

Would you eat again: Yes, but I’m really hoping one of the competing brands does this similar but better because it’s close to being a real winner in concept. If I do use this same pouch, I would add less water and leave it in a bit longer.

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