Review: Mountain House Chicken & Dumplings

Could use a bit more content per pack and the texture was a bit standard mush, but the flavor was spot on for a good chicken and dumpling.

Name: Chicken & Dumplings
Brand: Mountain House
580 calories/123.5g = 4.7 cal/g

On a camping trip this weekend, I managed to convince my family to have some freeze dried.  There were also some freeze-dried newbies, so I wanted to try the recipes out on them.

The first one we tried was Mountain Houses Chicken & Dumplings.  I’ve seen this as a staple for awhile I believe in stores but I think it maybe has sounded too boring so I haven’t tried it in the past.

I used a bit less water than the 4/3 cup recommended and it maybe could have used the full amount. But I honestly liked a couple of dry dumpling patches, I thought it gave it a bit more texture. The texture was pretty good, the chicken wasn’t all rehydrated but acceptable. And the vegetables added a bit of texture to go along with the base of the dumpling mush.

The pack felt fairly small, I’m not sure I would be full if I had this for dinner.

The flavor, however, was where the win comes in. It was super tasty. In fact, everyone who had it really enjoyed it. Comments included “It tastes like the center of a chicken pot pie”.

Would you eat again: Yes. Looking forward to having this again, the texture was pretty good and the taste was simple but awesome.


Calorie Density4
Serving Size3

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