Review: Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and Gravy
Brand: Mountain House
620 calories / 140g = 4.43 cal/g

Out for an excursion with my 3-year old daughter today, I brought a long a brunch snack for us to try out. I was a bit excited about this one because I tend to be a sucker for breakfast food.

On the preparation side, it was a pretty easy one. The wait time was 8-9 minutes and unlike a lot of the rice/pasta based freeze-dried products, this one tasted OK even though I probably was a little under or at least even with the wait time. Having a bit of dryness in the middle of the biscuits works much better than in the pasta. I put in a straight 1.75 cups like directed and then noticed that it said you could do 1.5 for a thicker gravy which I would have tried. However, it did not come out very runny, so this seems to be a particularly absorbent recipe.

The flavor is not particularly exotic. In fact, it’s pretty much on the bland side besides the liberal dosing of salt. My daughter did say it tasted spicy, but I think she was just getting some black pepper from the pork pieces. I didn’t think it had much spice at all. The overall consistency is more like gravy with some biscuit chunks. But I’m guessing Gravy with Biscuit Pieces wouldn’t sell as well. 🙂


Calorie Density: 4/5
Serving Size: 4/5
Flavor: 2/5
Fillingness: 5/5

Would you eat again: Yes, though more likely with kids (my daughter loved it) or on a longer trek where I tend to enjoy “comfort food” flavors more.

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