Review: Good to Go Thai Curry

Thai Curry
Brand: Good to Go
760 calories / 189g = 4.0 cal/g

Looking back on my food reviews recently, I’ve realized I need more dimensions of rating. Most freeze-dried products I actually tend to enjoy probably because I love salt so much and they generally are packed with sodium. But some of them have really good flavor (like this one…spoiler post-alert) and others are more delicious in a comfort food sort of way (breakfast skillet, biscuits and gravy, etc). Based on experience over the past several years, I’ve found that at different times I’ve wanted different types of experiences and that it’s good to mix these types of things up.
In preparation for my upcoming hike on the AT, I started another round of sampling freeze-dried. A fellow hiker in the story really loved this recipe so I decided to check it out. Good to Go brand is a premium freeze-dried product that prides themselves on natural ingredients and tend to have more vegan/restricted diet options. It’s also a fair amount more expensive, so keep that in mind if you’re buying for a long-haul.

I must have added a bit too much water, because it didn’t all get absorbed even though I waited a bit longer than specified (20 minutes). So maybe go a little light on the water on this one. I liked the coconut milk powder, I felt like it added a lot of flavor and some extra thickness to the water. I guess there’s a reason it’s in a separate packet but I found dealing with that a bit annoying because the package opened kinda funny in the middle and I spilled some of it while emptying into the main container.

The flavor did not disappoint. The spice mixture was just right for me and I could even see myself enjoying this for a normal dinner (given a better consistency). It might be a little spicy if you don’t like curry flavor as a warning to the less adventurous palette, but I like a little kick. However, as a rice dish with no meat, it felt a little light in my belly and I could see even a double portion being a little disappointing after a full day of hiking even though the calories are technically not too bad. So maybe bring this one along on a less aggressive trip where you are looking for a more flavorful entree.

Calorie Density: 3/5
Serving Size: 4/5
Flavor: 5/5
Fillingness: 3/5

Would you eat again: Yes, as a flavorful mix-in entree on long trips or on shorter ones.

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