Review: Backpacker’s Pantry Three Amigos Veggie Stew

Three Amigos Veggie Stew

Backpacker’s Pantry
640 calories / 158g = 4.05 cal/g

I’ve had this sitting around for a while and I’ve been trying to focus on some vegeterian options lately so I thought I’d give it a try as part of a freeze-dried family meal I cooked up to test some of these.

I haven’t had a lot of Backpacker’s Pantry and I really liked the bag. It was air compressed more than the others and it had a very satisfying seal.

This recipe calls for 20 minutes of wait time on the rehydration which was a bit worrisome off the bat. Usually I think most freeze-dried meals take longer than they say for ideal hydration so starting with a high number means it might not hydrate well. Sure enough, 25 minutes after I added the exact recommended boiling water level and the veggies were still kind of crunchy and grainy. And look at the picture at the end of the post to see that there was standing water in the bottom. It was definitely not a stew, it was more like watery vegetables.

The flavor was decent for just being watery vegetables. There was some significant kick in the spice. But overall, the flavor couldn’t redeem the consistency.


Calorie Density: 2/5

Serving Size: 3/5

Flavor: 2/5 (mostly down for the texture/rehydration)

Fillingness: 1/5

Would you eat again: No, while this might be the healthiest freeze-dried meal I’ve had in a while I would not be looking forward to this at the end of a long day.


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