Review: Alpine Air Southwestern Style Beef Nachos

Southwestern Style Beef Nachos
Brand: Alpine Air
780 calories / 191g = 4.3 cal/g

As I’m discovering with most freeze-dried food, it needs longer than the bag says. I went 15 minutes when the bag said 10-12 and it was still a bit crunchy in the vegetables. There are actual tortilla chips in there that get soggy when they are rehydrated but actually do add a bit of texture differentiation. The meat was essentially flavorless, the whole thing comes across with a pretty simple flavor and texture. I was hoping for a at least more spice and next time I might throw some chili powder on there. The cheese on top adds some visual flair, but it doesn’t really rehydrate so it’s like slightly salty crunchy bits.

In all, it made me wonder whether I would be better off packing a bag of tortilla chips and just dehydrated meat that I could spice up.

Would you eat again: Yes, but I’d add some more kick so at least the flavor was more interesting.

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