Onondaga Trail + #FLT60 (M22)

3 days on M22 and the entire Onondaga Trail to finish off the 2022 #FLT60 challenge.

After doing my Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) thru-hike last year, I was psyched to keep up my relationship with the FLT and its amazing community this year. However, given I only have limited weekends available and don’t live in the NY area, I decided to try to get as much hiking as I could done in a single weekend. For focus, I decided on the Onondaga Trail since I hadn’t explored the branch trails.

I originally was going to do a loop with the Link Trail so I could do it by myself. But my wife offered to drive with the kids out there, so it gave me flexibility to go a single direction. So I tacked on an extra map (M22) so that I could also get the #FLT60 challenge checked off this year.

Starting at the bottom of M22 and Otselic was almost exactly 60 miles to the northern terminus of the Onondaga Trail. I started on Saturday after a long drive straight from Boston.

On the first day, I tackled Otselic, Bucks Brook, and Mariposa SF, ending up at Paradise Garden Leanto for the night.

On the second very long day, I did most of the length of the Onondaga Trail from its southern terminus through most of the day in Morgan Hill SF and then finishing off with Highland County Park and some private land on the far side.  I was planning on stopping for the day at Tromp Pond for the night but the entire area had been razed so I ended up crashing close to a nearby stream.

On the last day I made the short hike to the northern terminus, stopping by New Woodstock for an egg sandwich.

Activity Tracks: [Day 1] [Day 2] [Day 3]

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