Midstate Massive Race Report

Strava Track: Link

Last weekend I completed what I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do.  Given my failure last year and my complete lack of training over the last month, I didn’t think I had a big chance to succeed.  But…spoiler alert…I did.  The point of this is not to tell an adventure story but rather just document some of my learnings for the next race I do.  I tend to forget almost everything.

Reasons why I think I succeeded:

  • The weather was super cool, it was 50-60F the entire time
  • I found Seth and he both was great company and held back my pace a little which likely contributed to me not burning out

Things that could have gone better:

  • I think I should have started ibuprofen a little bit sooner and had a bit more caffeine
  • We spent too long at the aid stations, that really adds up over time
  • I should probably have a better headlamp, I was envious of some of the lighting abilities of fellow runners

I think I do well with runners who talk while they run.  They tend to distract me and keep up morale, particularly through the darkness.  Overnight it gets mentally tougher and definitely when the light came up I started to feel like I could actually do it.

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