Midstate Massive Pre-Race

I’m running the Midstate Massive Trail race tomorrow which I’ve done for all three years it’s been around.

Me at the line last year.

The first year I ran the 50, last year I DNFed the 100 and I’m back to try again. However, I’m going in with a lot of negative feelings/issues:

  1. I have Shingles, which at minimum is an itchy rash on my side but I’ve also have some slight flu-like symptoms on top of that and a swollen inguinal lymph node.
  2. Because of the confusion about diagnosing 1), I essentially stopped training a month ago. So I’m massively undertrained and 10 pounds heavier than I usually am.
  3. I also have some minor shin splints from doing a tough workout on Monday, but hopefully that is gone by tomorrow.

On the positive side:

  1. I did 21 days on the Finger Lakes Trail three months ago and I honestly feel like it made me stronger, particularly my hamstrings. Uphills are barely noticeable in my walks.
  2. I actively walk hills every day as part of my routine to get out of the house.
  3. The weather is supposed to be between 50 and 60 all weekend which is amazing race weather. If the temperature gets close to 70, I start having heat issues (which sounds sad, but it’s true).

So I’m going to try this race even though I have very low expectations. I’ll consider it a success if I:

  • Don’t fail like I did last year (from nausea, nutrition issues)
  • Either complete the course or get swept from the course by missing cutoffs

In the latter case, I really want to focus on not burning out and pacing and working with my body. So even if I slow down, I really want it to be gradually and not a “need to stop for a couple hours”. Last year I was really not happy that I was a wreck only 20-something miles in for some reason I never figured out. I managed to somewhat recover after that, but it was just a “let’s see how far I can get” rather than a “let’s do this thing” mentality. I want to be chasing cutoffs with a fast walk pace but still comfortable.

Some prep I’ve done for this race (for future Ryan to look at):

  • Only had two alcoholic drinks for the week before the race
  • Slightly cut down caffeine
  • Shifted to carb-heavy meals 2.5 days pre-race, but still had relatively normal looking meals
  • Massively increased water intake
  • Tried to sleep more several days before
  • Easy work days on Thursday and Friday

Because the weather will be cool I’ll be wearing a long base layer with shorts and my larger running backpack. I’ll have poles the first half and drop them with Terrill if I make it to the second half.

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