LT 2016 Day 3: Cooley Glen to Starks Nest

We woke up at 6:45am.  We had a great breakfast, mainly because some one shared coffee.  I don’t normally bring coffee on my hikes, so this was a nice treat.

The first hill we climbed after the shelter was easy and then there was a great downhill section with lots of time for conversations with my sister.  It was a tough march up Abe full of lots of day-hikers but the summit was well worth the climb.  Shortly after that, at Lincoln Peak, I was given an apple by a day-hiker.  I love fruit on hikes but it’s usually not worth the weight.  So gifts of fruit are always greatly appreciated.

We rolled into Stark’s Nest at 4:45 again.  Allison and Collin were there and a few others.  We all went out to watch the sunset.  I brought out the beer that I had stashed in the woods and announced that I had just completed the Long Trail.  I did it fairly awkwardly but Kim was appropriately shocked.  Thanks Kim!  We all shared swigs from the bottle.  I wished I had more so we all could have drank our fill, but it was at least a good taste.

The night was so beautiful we slept out on the deck under the stars.  It was a fitting and beautiful end to my Long Trail journey.

Kim’s famous pan biscuits
Lounging in Stark’s Nest
Kim prepares her trail biscuits
Beautiful sunset my last night
on the trail
My celebratory bottle of Long Trail Ale..luckily it
didn’t take me 25 years

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