LT 2016 Day 2: Middlebury Gap to Cooley Glen

We woke up at Kim’s friend’s house and got a ride up to Middlebury Gap to start hiking by 9am.

Our journey begins

I was warmed up from the day before so it felt great to be out hiking with my sister.  I had never really hiked with her before so I was looking forward to knowing her on the trail.  She’s a very strong hiker, but she was getting frustrated on the uphills at her pace.  I was really in no rush but I think she felt like she had to show off to me.

Boyce Shelter was all busted up

When we got to the Boyce Shelter, it was all busted up with the yellow tape across the front.  Skyline Lodge on the other hand was very pretty and peaceful with a pond view.  We rested there for a little while and read the shelter log.

There were lots of annoying small peaks, a lot of which didn’t have views.

We got into Cooley Glen Shelter, our destination, at about 4:45pm.  We almost had too much time to kill sitting around the shelter having super leisurely conversations.  In the shelter was Miles, Barefoot, and a father daughter pair (I was supposed to ask Kim to remind me of their names).

I had breakfast skillet for dinner.  It was delicious as always and it was just the right amount of food.

View from Skyline Lodge

My sister inside Skyline Lodge

The outside of Skyline Lodge

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