LT 2015 Day 6: Montclair Glen Lodge to Birch Glen Camp

Continuing my trek at a snail’s pace, I started at a normal hiker time (7:30am) and walked only until the early afternoon before stopping.  My knee was still hurting and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to make it to another good pass to get out to civilization before I needed to stop hiking.  So I decided to pull up in Birch Glen Camp to spend the night before getting into App Gap.  In retrospect, having completed the trail, it would have been nice to walk up to Starks Nest over the gap to finish the hike, but I wouldn’t know that until next year.

This day had some of the easiest trail that I had hiked on the whole trail this year on the second half.  The first half was some rocky outcropping hiking that I took a number of pictures of.

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