LT 2015 Day 5: Jonesville to Montclair Glen Lodge

New Winooski Bridge

Having rejuvenated after a night at the Squires’, I bid farewell to Shea and Four Eyes and head across the new Winooski Bridge that was recently built.  The new bridge reroute took me away from my resupply at the post office the day before but keeps the trail from an annoying couple mile road walk.

A stile on the reroute

I didn’t have many goals anymore since I had given up my pace besides putting some more miles on the trail and enjoying myself.  So I headed up Camel’s Hump.  I’ve hiked this mountain as a training mountain a couple times before.  It’s the largest consecutive elevation gain of any place on the LT and there’s an annoying up and down along the ridge that always seems to take longer than possible.

But I’m not in a rush so it’s a pleasant day hike.  After I got over the summit, I quickly made it to Montclair Glen.  I was pretty early but again…new About Time….no rushing.  And this was an interesting lodge to stop in.  There had been a bear break-in recently and there were signs and guides to bears all over.  The bear had apparently gotten into the lodge and locked itself in where it eventually panicked and jumped out through the window.

Eventually the caretaker showed up at the lodge (she had been at the peak).  She told us she was sleeping in the lodge rather than in her tent because she was worried about the bear.  While she ran off to go to a meeting with all the caretakers on the mountain, another hiker rolled in.  We chatted for a awhile about gear and then went to sleep.

You can tell I’m going slower because I’m taking artsy shots

The top of Camel’s Jump was cloudy so I didn’t hang around too long
The bear posting from the recent
bear attack
A rare tarp over an outside picnic table

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