LT 2015 Day 2: Tillotson Camp to Lamieoulle River

Planned Schedule:
5am – Wake up
5:30am – Head out
6:11am – Sunrise
9:30am (8.4[5]) – Spruce Ledge Camp
12:30pm (15.2[9]) – Corliss Camp
4:30pm (23.3[14.25]) – Roundtop Shelter
7:28pm – Sunset
8pm (30.3[18.5]) – Stop at Bear Hollow Shelter (sleeps 12)
9pm – Sleep

I don’t remember much about this day, compared to some of the others. I started off from the location I expected to be at, but early on I began to doubt I could really keep up that pace. The day before had taken most of what I had and I had started off well ahead of schedule and full of energy.

I plodded on through some beautiful scenery. I passed Spruce Ledge shelter which was one of the best shelter areas I found on the entire LT. It had a gazebo and a quaint lodge and was seated on the top of a small rise. Definitely worth stopping at if you have the chance.

I remember by the time I got to Round Top shelter late in the day I was exhausted and my legs were tight. There was no working water pump there so I couldn’t refill. When I got down to Lamieoulle, I was very thirsty and realized I needed to stop to refill at the river. It was so beautiful there and I knew I had a climb ahead to get to Bear Hollow Shelter of me so I essentially gave up. I dropped my stuff next to the No Camping sign and called it a night.

Spruce Ledge Shelter, one of my favorite of the whole trail

The Lamieoulle River, where I ended this year’s pace

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