LT 2015 Day 0: Approach to Journey’s End

Note: This is written as if I wrote it all the day of the hike.  It was actually compiled from my memories and notes that I took on my phone as I hiked and written much later.

8am – 11:30am: Drive to Troy
1pm: Hike in to Journey’s End Camp
Dinner (Sandwich from convenience store in Troy)

Looking back at the car where the road starts to get choppy
It definitely felt much different starting from the north than it did when I started in North Adams.  The area around the northern terminus is predictably less populated and even the trail feels less used.  I wasn’t quite sure where the trailhead started as we drove the car in so I kissed my son and wife goodbye at the first parking area.  It’s possible the car could have made it down to the actual trailhead but it would have been tough going in some ditch-y spots.
Collapsed trailhead register
The actual trailhead register had come off the tree, so I’m not even sure I signed it.  I expected to truly start my hike the next day and knew I would find a hut log at Journey’s End.
Journey’s End
I did find a log there, along with a quaint looking cabin alongside a small rise in the trail.  However, I also found a lot of mosquitos so I ditched my pack there and took my dinner up to find the Canadian border.  I was planning on trekking to the border early the next morning but I had a lot of time to kill and decided it would be better off spent in a picturesque place rather than a bug infested shelter.
I took a picture now because I knew I wouldn’t
get one at 5:30 in the morning
Inside Journey’s End

Turned out to be about perfect at the border.  The border was dramatic with the wide swath of trees scarring the landscape as far as I could see.  The sun was only partly out, but the temperature was just right, just a little cool but perfect with the sun shining on me.  I laid there listening to some music for about an hour or two.  That’s when I was joined by a couple that was staying at Shooting Star and had just come up to see the border.  Not wanting to feel like the third wheel, I headed on back to the cabin.  There I passed a very relaxing evening reading through the trail log at all the hikers that had come before in the log.  I figured I wouldn’t have much of a chance to do that again with the blistering pace I was planning on keeping.

Here’s to hoping my legs hold out!

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