LT 2014 Day 2: Kid Gore Shelter to Bromley Shelter

Note: This is written as if I wrote it all the day of the hike.  It was actually compiled from my memories and notes that I took on my phone as I hiked and written much later.

5am – Wake-up
5:30am – Head out
6:09am – Sunrise
8am (4.9 [3]) – Snack at Story Spring Shelter
12pm (12.3) – Lunch on Stratton (Cheese/Crackers/Sausage)
1pm (15.5 [9.25]) – Refill at Stratton Pond Shelter
3:30pm (20.9 [12]) – Snack at William B Douglas Shelter
5pm (24.5 [14.25]) – Refill at Spruce Peak Shelter
7pm (29.5 [17]) – Stop at Bromley Shelter (Chicken/Stuffing/Mashed Potatoes) Tent sites to the north
7:23pm – Sunset (13 h 14 min)
9pm – Sleep
I had unfortunately developed a blister the day before on the back of my heel.  So I woke up and threw some duct tape and guaze on it and headed off while it was still dark.  It sucks getting water in the dark.  I couldn’t see where the bag was or the best place to go was.  But I had had dreams of drinking large glasses of water, so getting water in the morning was high on my mind.

I had also been testing out a battery charger that ran on lithium batteries.  This was a lighterweight solution than bringing a battery brick and I could resupply with mailed batteries.  It sounded awesome in theory, but in practice the charger was awful.  It sucked up those lithium batteries and gave me practically no charge.  Complete waste of weight and time.
However, the good news was that my legs were feeling pretty good and no animal had eaten any of my food.  Yay!  I hiked on toward Stratton.

Near the base of Stratton I ran into a section hiker from NJ, Divide and Conquer near a pleasant stream.  I think he was stopping for the night right there, which seemed a bit early.  But everyone hikes their own hike. 🙂

Stratton was pretty steep but steady and I made it up approximately on time.  There were a number of people on top having lunch already, several groups of thru-hikers and Hue(?) the caretaker there.  I signed his book, listened the chatter a bit.  It was mostly about trees and diseases sweeping through the forests and efforts to control them.  I pushed on quickly after finishing my meal.  It was getting even more crowded at the top and there were no views.

Stratton Pond Shelter was beautiful and I chatted with a couple of women staying here overnight.  But I had started to fall behind now so I popped a couple of Excedrin, turned on my music, and plowed on through toward Bromley.  The rain started sometime in the middle gently and then not so gently at all.  I became soaked all the way through.  I actually didn’t mind.  I love the rain and it keeps me from overheating.  But it started to get dark as well so mentally it was taking its toll when I happened upon Bromley shelter.

The shelter was full of Princeton orientation students who had just finished dinner.  I assumed my chances of staying in the shelter were next to nothing, but luckily they were tenting.  So I got the whole large shelter to myself, only sharing it with the many mice about that night.

Story Spring Shelter, in the morning

Planks in woods

Base of Stratton

The hut on top of Stratton

Stratton Pond

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