LT 2014 Day 0: North Adams to Sherman Brook Tentsite

Note: This is written as if I wrote it all the day of the hike.  It was actually compiled from my memories and notes that I took on my phone as I hiked and written much later.


2pm – 4:30pm: Drive to North Adams
6:00pm: Hike in to Sherman Brook Primitive Campsite

Today my wife drove me to North Adams to start my 11-day attempt at a Long Trail thru-hike.  I feel as prepared as I’ve ever been.  We had a pleasant ride to North Adams and dinner at a nice place in town, the last good meal I’ll have in a while.  Then we took some pictures at the start of the trail from North Adams and off I went (up some one’s driveway).

Looking mighty sexy in my hiking getup.
Up some one’s driveway on the start of my LT journey.
I was planning on tenting at Sherman Brook and then walking the rest of the approach to the true start of the Long Trail (and Vermont) in the morning.
I made it to Sherman Brook Tensite after a really easy walk from the town.  It was uphill but the terrain was simple and I was taking my time.  I found 3 tent platforms, a bear box, and a latrine.  Started setting up my tent amidst swarms of mosquitos but overdressing as I always do worked like a charm and they weren’t bothering me.
After a short time, a ridge runner named Jim came into the tensite.  He and I talked for some time and he shared some coffee with me.  He had an embittered professor archetype going on, telling me about problems with the academic system.  He told me I probably wouldn’t need to bearbag, which I was a little panicked about.  He also taught me the thru-hiker’s handshake (a fist bump so you don’t spread germs).
After turning in for an early morning start, I was awakened late at night by a hiker crashing around through the tensite looking for an open spot with their headlamp on high.  It was the middle of the night so they must have had an interesting story of why they were there that late.  But I never got it.

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