Gummi bears are too healthy

I’ve been telling everyone lately that I’m going to use gummi bears as my main pure sugar snack on my hike.  I love their chew, they are pure sugar when you need that, I don’t get tired of their flavor easily, and they don’t melt in sun or squish in your pack.

Unfortunately, after buying a 5 lbs bag of gummi bears online, I discovered that they are really a low calorie/weight ratio.  It comes out to about 1 calorie a gram, which is about 3 times more than almost all the other food items I’m bringing with me.

In comparison, the energy chews that I previously laughed at (because they are primarily just overpriced gummi bears with a little bit of vitamins/caffeine thrown in) are about 3 calories/gram.  So I guess there is something good about them after all.

So eat up those gummi bears, they have fewer calories than you think.

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